ML-Driven Cyber Threat Detection and Analysis

What is Zenurian?

Zenurian is a web-based cybersecurity tool for real-time threat detection and analytics.  Using advanced and adaptive machine learning (ML) technologies, Zenurian takes an integrated approach to data ingestion and anomaly identification, delivering robust and accurate detection results and causation insights. It provides operation teams and security analysts with a powerful tool for continuous threat monitoring and mitigation in an extended enterprise environment.

Real-Time ML at the Edge

On-prem deployment with integrated data ingestion from multiple data sources 

Adaptive Machine Learning

Unsupervised ML models to support continuous learning

Quantitative Cyber Risk Analysis

Integrated vulnerability, threat and consequence analysis based on NIST RMF for risk-informed decision support

Why use Zenurian?

Conventional signature-based detection and prevention techniques are no longer adequate to counter advanced persistent threats, when cyber adversaries using stealth techniques to evade detection and launch zero-day attacks. Zenurian uses a multi-dimensional ML model to detect anomalies in network and system behaviors to generate threat indicators in real-time from multiple data sources, including network, host, and equipment sensor data. 

Easy to Use
& Integrate

Simplified and user-friendly ML functions with easy integration with existing security infrastructure  

& Cost-Effective

Optimized ML models for high performance and extensibility at low cost

Adaptable &

Signature-less and unsupervised learning model for continuous countermeasures to adversarial tactics and techniques dynamically.

What is Zenurian used for?

Using a flexible and modular software framework, Zenurian can be easily extended and customized to support a wide range of applications across different industries, including manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare and financials.


Integrated threat detection & risk analysis 


Performance optimization & predictive maintenance


Energy data monitoring & asset identification


Health monitoring & alerting


Consumer behavioral analysis & fraud detection

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